GS-FM is an integrated system of services for managing recurring costs and/or own or third-party goods or services assigned to company resources. The system manages the master data of these costs and monitors them on the basis of the characteristics that distinguish them in order to properly manage them daily, protect the goods themselves and contain costs. The Leitmotif is to provide the Finance & Control /Operations/ Personnel Administration with timely and rapid management of situations related to recurring fees and services and costs through a central platform of control of the various levels of risk related to these services. Through greater control, it will be more immediate to identify situations to be improved both economically and qualitatively. Typically these services are:

  • Company fleet for hire or ownership
  • Office Materials management for hire and in service (printers, large contracts)
  • Corporate mobile phones
  • Conventions, tiles and other similar objects
  • Public area, for end-users
  • Portal for assignees for consultation and data entry; through this access each assignee will be able to consult details of their assignments (cars, phones, cards, other), consumption made, technical deadlines, technical documentation, forms and manuals; You can also fill out insurance complaints online and keep track of ongoing practices, including those related to infringements.
  • Operating area, for management
  • Integrated portal with contracts/orders and HR for the management of assignees and all the features described above by the relevant offices in the company.

The principle of greater reuse and interoperability of data and functions between existing subsystems and subsystems to be developed is the beginning of the B|KM. This is to minimize data entry points and simplify management and control. In the case of the GS-FM system, the aggregate systems include the following key features:

  • Assignee management (corporate and external staff)
  • Convention Management
  • Management of the company's fleet
  • Claims and DEN management
  • Assignment management (phones and fleet)
  • Consumption management (mileage, phone calls, detailed fuel card consumption and conventions)
  • Management of fees and services
  • CO2 emission management
  • Car seat allocation management
  • Task Calendar
  • Manage fines and charge assignment


GS-FM is the implementation of all the features described above, interfaced in a single portal and can be integrated with the B|KM Purchasing Portal System (B|KM PPS), with Contract Management "Nova CLM" and with ticket management B|KM Haarlem (ICM: Incident Management). The idea behind it is to put the data in a few places and reuse it in all other elements of the GS-FM process. Assignees It is a master management of people who receive goods or services to be managed through GS-FM. The management includes: Logical Security Profile, Email Certification, Functional Group Management, Management Management and Cost Center, Corporate Fleet Management It is a master management to survey all the means belonging to the company's fleet. The system includes:

  • Fleet functional group management (agents, managers, services, other)
  • Type of medium and personal data
  • Source contract management
  • Contract and technical deadlines management
  • Fleet contract limit management (kilometers, time, km/time etc.)
  • Risk management related to surcharges and penalties contracts
  • Claims management with and without charges
  • Company costs management and employee-paid accessories
  • Management of fines and corresponding charges
  • Customizable reference views
  • Assigning parking spaces
  • Interactive public area for media assignees/users


This is a management that allows you to track the allocation of each type of asset, and their costs, to people and cost centers: Resource Association - Assignee Resource association - convention Fee/Service Association - Assignee Deadline management Association integration - contracts

The concentration of information represents a platform enabling services targeted at assignees as self-service help desks via web or assisted by operators.

Mileage and Consumption

Consumption management is a subsystem of B|KM GS-FM to collect fuel-related self-declarations. The initial form expected is the mileage declaration at the end of the month of each assignee.


Convention management is for the purpose of censusing any kind of convention that can be associated with the resources recorded in GS-FM. Conventions in turn are associated with contracts and orders and bring benefits of various kinds, they represent as an example: contracted consumption cards, attendance or toll detection systems, para-insurance services, special assistance.

  • A master's conventions,
  • Contract management and source order
  • Contract deadline management
  • Convention limits management
  • Miscellaneous consultation views

Charges and services

Fees and services represent third-party items of continuous cost recorded in GS-FM and related to special contracts such as photocopiers, banknote counting machines, other similar means.

  • Objects subject to the canon,
  • Contract deadline management
  • Miscellaneous consultation views

CO2 emissions

Co2 emission management provides consumption ratios in terms of km by means or by assignee and manages the association between the medium and the CO2 levels produced by it.


Claims management is one of the most complex modules in the system and is dedicated to the management of all the practices related to it: supplier invoices for deductibles, complaints and contractual obligations by the user, any charges of deductibles or other .


The fines management completes the cost management framework and determines the correct charge of fines that may come due to the daily use of the company's fleet. The system keeps documented track of all the steps and alerts that the employee needs.

Consumption Control

The system provides reports for consumption and emissions control. The reports are intended for both management and individual drivers in the consultation area of their data.

Public & Back-office areas

The service is distinguished in two portals: public area portal intended for users of the means or business assets and back-office portal for conducting the processes analysis situations and administration. The interaction of the two environments generates benefits in terms of optimizing processes and applying business regulations. In addition, the user is offered a full service that can be integrated with third-party processes or suppliers.